What package is right for me?

I want to make an application for population recording purposes, and it requires a lot of data, around >500 rows of data, what package is suitable for my project?

Can anyone help me?

You’ll need at least the starter plan. The rest depends. Are you needing to access external APIs? And do you need to publish to app stores, or just a web app?

Maybe later I will publish it on the Play Store, is there no data limit on ADALO?
Can the business package accommodate >500k more row data?

Ah 500k not 500. It depends on how much data is in each row, and how often each row is accessed. It isn’t a straightforward thing to answer. You need to study the pricing plans here Plans & Pricing | Adalo.

You will see no record limit from starter plan onward, however there is a database size limit in terms of GB.

how to get rid of this template?

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