What with databse?


A week ago I downloaded the app in Google store. Found a bunch of mistakes in it.
I made a copy in the adalo editor and continued working in it.

Everything is ready, I corrected most of the mistakes. But now I have a second database.
Tell me what will happen to the database after I upload a new assembly to the store? How to do a new apk. download correctly to the store?

What? I dont understand you. Why not fixing the problems in the adalo app and build again the apk? Why do you have a second database? did you create a “new” app? Why not make fixes in the existing one?!

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I decided to try to make a completely different interface, so I decided to make a copy in case - what if it doesn’t work out so that I can return. Well, in the end it turned out, but now the question arose, how will the base be tied now ?..

if you cloned the app, the database will be cloned aswell. 2 seperate apps, 2 seperate databases. No way to connect them. You could create a NEW app and choose SHARED database. Then you could use the same database with both apps.

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I have no task to link the bases. I want to understand can I make a new release to the store with the same: Name, Bundle ID, Frontend google services.json, Servise account Key google-services.json?

I don’t care about the data from the previous version of the application. It is important that the name of the application can be left the same.

Sorry, I use google translate, I mean “uploaded” ?
I upload my apk to the store… :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

.Now i uploaded it in my phone to test and see that it downloading photos and buttons very slow.
Game over?

What if I delete first app with it database from Adalo?

I still confused. Any ideas?