When do I panic.... Missing Components

So, my app just went all pink. Missing components. Like, everything.

Trying not to panic, I searched the forum, and it sounded like it might be a temporary thing. I cleared browser data, closed all my windows, reset computer. Took a 10, 15 minute break.

I’ve come back and it’s all still gone. At what point do I panic? This is almost 750 hours of hard work here and I’m on a deadline. I haven’t put in a ticket yet in hopes that it just starts working again, but obviously I’ll do that soon.

Is everything going to be OK guys???


I have had something similar happen. It was fixed by restarting the computer. I think you tried that.

Other than zooming-out on the canvas, or panning around,… only other suggestion would be to submit a ticket. That’s scary. (and enough motivation for me to make a copy of mine) - Good luck!

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Have you tried refreshing the editor? (not the browser)

I would also suggest to logout and log back into your adalo account.


Reboot machine. COPY the APP as backup. If its still missing submit ticket. BTW thats are many screens … Is there a limit regarding screens?



I was really, really worried there for a minute because the PWA started showing the same pink Missing Component containers and was completely broken. That was in a completely separate browser.

But, I did all the things - cleared cache & browser data, logged out of Adalo, reset browser, and rebooted computer… and waited and hoped. And it did come back.

I’ve created a backup copy, and will likely back up every couple days now. Obviously that was a temporary glitch, but man, I did NOT need that shot of adrenaline and anxiety this late in the day… whew.

And to your point about the plethora of screens - yes. It’s a full-scale business management app. It is going to handle all of our project workflows, employee time/payroll and benefits, company vehicle time/drivers and mileage, equipment scheduling, maintnenance and associated workflows, and employee training and certifications. There’s a lot of screens and data and functionality, but there’s only going to be a limited number of users. Hopefully that makes it so performance doesn’t go absolutely kaput. My tests in the PWA so far have the app still “usable” and it’s just about done. I hope for improved infrastructure on Adalo’s part in the near future because complex apps like mine are WHERE IT’S AT. Every business should have one!


Do you use the internal db? How much data will the app contain approx? Iam currently building something similar for our company as internal app but iam worried the internal database may be to weak and we need to use xano or something similar.

I think you’ll be fine…


It’s not going to have a TON of data - small contracting company, 70-80 projects a year, generally under 15 employees. Probably will accumulate a few thousand rows of data a year.

@Flawless SICK. When I’m all done, I’m going to take some time to clean up my editor layout so things look that tight. :ok_hand: Im kinda a mess right now because Ive had to do some major restructuring over the last week or so because of bugs and workarounds…

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i have a lot of paid components down

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I am also experiencing this.

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@idunksxc7 Give it 30 min and a couple reboots of your computer and see if it still is happening. Not saying it’s acceptable, just saying that’s what I did and it came back and I got back to work.

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Can I see the app or is it private? Looks awesome!

wow impressive app!

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Much appreciated :sunglasses:

I’ve seen it before. Refresh the page and problem solved.

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