Where Is My Custom Domain After Changed DNS Record

What’s going on with my custom domain? I changed the DNS record several times and on Adalo it says it’s successful but when I go to my custom domain it says, “Not Found.” What gives? Also, I just created my landing page with Wix and changed the Nameservers on Domain.com and transferred my domain to Wix from my Domain.com hosting site where I initially changed the DNS record.

I’ve added a DNS record with Wix now and I’m still getting the same problem of “Not Found” when I go to my custom domain name.

Share a screenshot of your setup

How long after making the changes are you waiting? It can take a few hours before it takes effect. It could also be your settings.

It’s been over several days now. What settings? Adalo’s setting says it’s successfully added. Could it be that I’d used the same name for my other app preview in the past with another platform?

I think it’s done correctly.

Change the host name to just “app”

It is app. Wix adds the asianbiz.tech to it the actual field of host is only populated with app.

The host name should have a “.” after the end of it. “app.asianbiz.tech.”. It may be worth asking your hosting company/registrar about this as they will be able to determine the error better than I can from this side.

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It doesn’t have the ability to put that “.” at the end like “app.asianbiz.tech.” Wix doesn’t have the ability to contact customer service. Not even an email support unless you pay a higher price. I’m going to unassign it from Wix and take it back to Domain.com.

Actually, I can’t transfer my domain back to Domain.com because I had connected it to Google Console and my website shows up on Google with the SEO thing. I want to leave well enough alone. LOL. But, this has been a headache. I just can’t seem to figure out what’s going on.

I have the same trouble with Wix. Added the Cname in Wix (adding . is not possible).
And when visiting https://app.boatbuddies.se/ it say’s it’s insecure. When proceeding I get a 404 not found.

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I actually think this is an Adalo issue because it happened with Domain.com too when I hosted my website with them. I’m out of ideas because I DNS record under the CNAME exactly the way Adalo says to and on Adalo it says it is verified and Adalo even gave me my custom domain of app.asianbiz.tech.

Opened a support ticket at Wix also asking about the . notation.

I can’t even find where to do that. Do you have a link? I tried to no avail and I’m a paying customer on the Pro Level.

Click Get started. Write your question, and then I got offered to create a support ticket.

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Thanks! I’ll try that.


As I see DNS setup is correct:

victor$ nslookup app.asianbiz.tech

Non-authoritative answer:
app.asianbiz.tech canonical name = hosting.adalo.com.
Name: hosting.adalo.com

You need to set up the Adalo part now (“Publish” section on the left pane -> Progressive Web App -> Domain)

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Cool, it looked like it took some time to be applied.
However it still says that the site is insecure, event that the certificate seems valid. https://app.boatbuddies.se

And there is a CORS error.
Access to font at ‘https://runtime-assets.adalo.com/sf-pro-text/SFProText-Bold.woff’ from origin ‘https://app.boatbuddies.se’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

OMG. Thank you so much Victor. You helped me solve the mystery. It was because I didn’t finish setting up the Adalo side. I didn’t know I was supposed to do that because when I did it for Glide app I didn’t have to do that part. It was taken care of for me. My preview app is live. Yay!

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