Multiple Home Pages

My app caters to two types of users. I would like to show a different home page to each of these types. Is this possible ? Are there any recommended design patterns ?


Awesome. Thank you !

This is just what I needed, thanks!

What about in-app notifications across the two apps? I’m not able to have one app send a notification to the other, unless the recipient user is logged in, and in the app.

What do you suggest?

Hi @nikosan,

Are you talking about push notifications?
Built-in push notifications could be sent in between the apps which share the same database. See the topic here:

However, for Push notifications I’ve observed the following behaviour:

  • If the app is opened (running) and user is logged in, notification is received, and user is directed to the particular screen (the one specified in a notification);
  • If the app is closed (not running), but user is logged in, notification is received, but user is directed to home screen;
  • If user is logged out, notification is NOT received.


Hi Victor,

Thanks for your help. I am encountering the same issues regarding behavior of Push notifications. I merged my apps almost entirely after discovering this incorrect behavior when I had two apps. Looks like even with one app, the issue persists.

Have you found any workarounds or solutions for this?

I was thinking of making a notifications pill on the home page, and just resigning to the fact that push notifications don’t work as they should. Open to other solutions from anyone that has found a solve for this.

Hi @nikosan,

I’m not sure what do you mean by “incorrect behaviour”.
If you feel like you’ve found a bug (i.e. something reproducible), then you could submit a support ticket.

Also, having a notification indication in the app itself is a good idea - I usually do in-app notifications + push.

Best regards, Victor.

incorrect behavior is when the notification takes the user to the home screen instead of the intended screen.

Thanks Victor. I have submitted a support ticket about this.

Hi @nikosan,

As I mentioned above, I’ve observed such behaviour when the app was closed and not running on the phone.
Not sure if this is a bug or a feature :slight_smile: I wonder what answer will you receive.

Best regards, Victor.