Zapier Record ID "not available through Adalo"

Well, it’s all working on my side :upside_down_face:, as you can see below my Zapier workflow successfully updated my user Record with this custom text.

Was this your desired result?

Sorry for messing up this thread and the confusion :sweat:, If you prefer I can show you a complete step by step guide tomorrow with your exact use case. But this definitely works.

Hi again @tdhi :wave:,

So this is the full guide to get your workflow working, the only actions a took away is the Delay and Send Email.

1: As you can see i tried to set up my Notification collection as you described to me.

2: An here is my Zapier Workflow, you’ll notice that I added 2 extra actions that we will get to later.

3: First I set my workflow flow trigger to fire off when there’s a New Notification Record

4: Next the condition to continue the workflow

5: After the 1 day delay you are going to add the +1 function to Days Elapsed.

6: Next we are going to update the email count by adding the +1 function to Emails Sent.

7: Now here’s the part where you have to pay attention :wink:, so we are going to update the record from step 1 in this workflow with the Record ID.

8: Next we are going to Update the Days Elapsed with the output from our previous Math Fonction.

9: We will apply the same with Emails Sent

10: Lastly, fire off a test call to your app, you should have updated your Notification’s record. As you can see below Days elapsed is updated to 1 and Emails sent is also updated 1

Hope that helps :hugs:

Wow, this is very detailed, thanks! I will try later tonight or tomorrow and report back.

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@Devops Great work! Thank you! So far I have no experience with Zapier, as I am procsessing most things in Filamaker and run scripts there. But I shall try this Zapier thing :slight_smile:

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Thanks, well Zapier is the most popular one in the no-code space (it’s great for small workflows), then you have Parabola and Integromat for larger more complicated flows.

I Personally use UI Path and Winautomation on top of AWS EC2 for heavy scripts but this is more in the low-code space.