3 Emails, 3 Weeks, No Response: Agency Related Questions

Hey Adalo,

Just wondering - 3 emails over the last 3 weeks and still no response but rather the automated introduction email response. How can you guys be reached? @David


Have you put a ticket into the support?

Was consulting about agency pricing, partnerships, and features. The website states “contact us” and exits an email address.

You can message support Submit a Support Ticket (adalo.com)

Thanks, @B0untiful_26, will try that just now.

Support tickets don’t seem the right thing for my questions - as they ask app-specific support questions by categories, app links, and screenshots/recordings. That’s not the nature of my problem.

I have rather specific agency-related partnership and features questions not answered on the website. @David

You would choose others, and and tell them about partner-relationships.

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