A client asked this and I answered... What are your thoughts?

I’m working with a client that runs a nonprofit crowdfunding organization where we collect donations for campaigns created by users.

We’re currently using wordpress/woocommerce and I recommended switching to Adalo (native and web pwa). We’re already using a cloud server for the current site with Cloudways and all is well so far… however…

My client wants a bunch of custom features that we cannot do in Wordpress without having to build new custom plugins and spending lots of money+time to get it right. We’ve had to hire a developer to get a few things to work.

Here was his latest set of questions:

@jessehaywood I wanted to show you my client’s concerns here with this.

Users are not able to easily share their campaigns with a URL as the URL is super long and messy. I know I’ve been barking about this one for a while.

This is a huge client with tons of major celebrity connections and this app and pwa will get thousands of users hitting the app daily; creating campaigns, submitting donations, etc. I want to ensure that Adalo is going to be able to handle this from a traffic standpoint as well as performance.

Our first test campaign got over 8,000 donations with no ad spend (on the Wordpress site).

Aiming to record the town hall with David on Friday. It should answer some of your questions. He’s going to talk about Web Apps and our plans for 2022. (Hint: we are focusing on them this year). In addition to working on performance (hint 2: focusing on that in 2022 also)

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Fokussing on webapps? Does that mean native apps getting less love? IMHO you should focus on native apps more. There are other webapp only no-code solutions which works great. Your advantage point is the easy way to publish natives apps.

No, that does not mean we are focusing less on mobile apps. We just know that our web app functionality is highly limiting and a lot of our experts aren’t able to do what their clients need done as a result. This decision is based on our Experts needs.

Edit: took away that first sentence. It’s early where I’m at and I’m drinking my morning coffee lol


Bruh @pushingpandas, I NEEED URLs for PWA screens lol. Think of the possibilities.

Users can link to their profiles I.e., domain . com / username

Users can link to list screens i.e., domain . com / friends or domain . com / businesses

Users can link to an admin page domain . com / admin


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Thats sounds more like a website and less like an app to me :slight_smile:

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You trippin @pushingpandas

With social media apps, wouldn’t it be nice to have a desktop counterpart? I.E., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Where users can share their profiles with a pretty link.

Like this: https://www.instagram.com/marioflawless/

With business apps, wouldn’t it be nice to link to a specific screen displaying a specific record? Like this:: https://www.facebook.com/flawlesswebsitedesign/

You also miss out on SEO with Adalo as it stands compared to Wordpress which is very SEO friendly. It might be interesting if that is addressed in the town hall, not aware of the future plans.

Yeah that would be my biggest concern, even with updating the web. My background is web design and SEO. Even with Bubble, SEO is really bad. And with what iOS has done to paid marketing, SEO is even more important. Idk what the solution is for web apps. I just personally would hide the web app behind a subdomain, and have a regular website built for the landing page, blog, etc. SEO is a lot more than link structure. That’s a small part.

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With this client, SEO is not a concern. Celebrity endorsements will provide MORE than enough traffic that we do not have to worry about anything organic.

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What a nice thing to have lol. Influencer marketing or do they just have connections?

My client founded one of the largest paid membership fan clubs for his specific industry (which I also built the website for). So kinda both. He’s an influencer with millions of views on YouTube. Because of what he’s created, he has amazing connections.

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Is today the townhall meeting? Where can I see it?