About the use of conditional actions compared to arbitrary strings

Greetings everyone. I want to know if the feature is available.
I want to compare the string of the message property with the comparison value.

Is it possible to enter an arbitrary character string in the property for the comparison value of the conditional action and compare it?
Or is there a way to achieve equivalent functionality?

Hi there @KazKS and welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately I am not quite sure what your requirement is here.

what string of what message property? What is a comparison value? What do you mean by “enter an arbitrary character string”

Perhaps you could post some further details so that I may assist you.

Thank you for your response,I would like to do the following processing.

1.Select from time to time for conditional action
2.In Property selection, select the message property that contains the response message to the request.
3.Select Include in Select Comparison Value.
4.In Set comparison value, enter the regular expression string to search from the message properties.

I’m setting it up like this now. When the requested comparison value is found, the property value and the comparison value are compared by setting that value to one property and selecting equal in the comparison value selection.

It works as expected. However, I want to compare it with the response message

I must apologise. I am struggling to understand this as a written message what your request is and how I can help you further.

Perhaps you could include some screenshots and outline exactly what you want to achieve. Or a short video explaining it.

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