Abracadalo delayed email is not working


so i’ve used abracadalo’s api many times, on many projects, but this time it seems not to work at all, when a deleyed email is sent, it never gets to the user, I’m using sendinblue as a smtp service,

tried to reach out to abracadalo but no answer from them, so if anyone has any information or a good way to contact them, please let me know

Hey I was using the API just a day or two ago and it was working for me. Did you check is the email settings ok and the email API itself is working?

It seems to work for me. Maybe @Abracadalo or @Georgios can help here please?

Hi, thanks for the reply,

yes I checked everything, even the number of emails going out from sendinblue was decreasing, but nothing on the recipient’s side, even on the spams, nothing

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