Adalo is very inconsistent

some simple actions and buttons just randomly stop working even when accounting for internet connection and everything. readding buttons etc. Adalo is very inconsistent in how well it performs. Is there a way to buy more servers and would this even help the issue or should I just move everything over to something like flutter or another no-code software or do they all have these weird issues

Well, Adalo’s performance is something crucial and Adalo’s been working on it since day 1.

Buying more server is something related to Adalo, may i ask where are you located?

Other no code platform can be better yes, but that depends on you and the complexity of your work, maybe think of going fully coded too

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Middle east/asia region right now. Are there more servers near by i can buy and would that affect peformance?

Sami, you might think of having an external database connection into Adalo.

Where in the middle-east?

Ive heard they dont really help significantly and my app is quite complex. And it isnt so much of that kind of issue, the app just sometimes doesnt perform the actions on the buttons but other times it does. I sometimes have to delete all the inputs and actions and readd them for it to work again

In that case an external database won’t help you…

But for sure you can adjust performance in the app…

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