Additional database property types feature - it's marked 'open' what does this mean?

This is more a question for internal Adalo staff:
The ‘Additional Database Property Types’ feature request was marked ‘open’ on 12th Oct, but I don’t see this as ‘in progress’ on the roadmap, I pressume the two states (‘open’ and ‘in progress’) are different then?
Any indication on when this will be moved to ‘in progress’??

(having currency as an additional property type will be huge for us, so very keen for this…)

This was previously marked as Planned and they reverted it back to Open. @joshjohnson has done a lot of work clearing up the roadmap (it actually reflects what’s in progress now).

What’s your currency use case? Are you looking for actual different property types or a way to show a number value besides the USD sign?

As I don’t work for Adalo, can’t comment on timeline for any changes but I wouldn’t expect it to be soon.

Appreciate the reply :slight_smile:
My requirement is that in the Adalo Stripe component you have to pick a single currency (in my case, the US Dollar), which then restricts the app if/when it’s released in countries that don’t use the dollar.

I think that’s a fundamentally different use case than additional database types, right?

That’s the ability to have a dynamic currency selection for the Stripe Component. I’d see if has that, if not add it. If so, up vote and let the team know your specific use case.

Also, as an FYI, I don’t think the USD setting “bricks” the app if it’s used internationally. It just means the users will be billed in USD and their card will convert that to their local currency. Depending on the use case, you could calculate what that would be for other markets (i.e., Eur, AUD, HKD, etc.) and show that to the user. When they get charged, show them the price in USD and a conversion to their local currency.

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Thanks @Erik, I’ll raise an ‘idea’.

Regarding accepting internation payments, I know there’s something of a world of pain there, but ideally what I’m hoping to achieve is for a charity (our app is a charity giving app) to preset how much they would like users to donate, and for it to automatically to show in the preset amount in the currency local to the user having already done the currency conversion.

I already have an idea how to do this using airtable and various api calls, as well as conditional stripe components (one for each currency we want to feature), but it’ll be complicated, really complicated, and it’ll take quite some time to figure it out…so, I just didn’t want to go to all the effort needed if Adalo has something in the works.

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Hopefully one day in the future! I’d guess it’s unlikely in the near future.


We all live in hope, in way or another :slight_smile: