Android app for bluestacks

If you install apk with blue stacks, the app created in adalo will start, but the map will not be displayed. Of course it will be displayed in the preview. Does anyone know a workaround?

If you install the .apk file directly on an android phone do you still have this issue?

Yes I have.
I installed it on the Galaxy a7, but could not display the map. Screens other than the map are displayed and operating.

Maps are displayed in IOS native apps, but not in Android native apps.

@kiyu Thank you for letting us know, we have recognized this as a known bug and are working to fix it.


Thank you for working.
We want to serve in as soon as possible.
Could you please tell me when this issue will be fixed?

Thank you for working.
It is not written here (,
Isn’t it necessary to do something after enabling the Maps SDK for Android?

As a test, I enabled Maps SDK for Android, made an apk, and checked it on the device, but it did not improve.

I was able to display the map on Android.

Maps could not be displayed due to Google Maps API restrictions.
Not a bug
It seems to be solved by adding Maps SDK for Android to this page (
Thank you very much.

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