Any idea why this isn't working?

Here is the situation…

I am trying to make a user be able to send an announcement to their followers. Pretty simple. However where it gets a little tricky is adding in a un-read marker on the recieving end. In order to do this, I have an Announcement collection with the fields of Name, Creator, Content, and Un-Read Users. The creator of the announcement’s followers will be added to the list of Un-Read Users when a new announcement is made, and there is an image on the receiving user’s end set to only be visible if they are on that list. Once the follower views the announcement, the are removed from the list of Un-Read Users.

The Un-Read users is set up like so: A “follower can only have one announcement, but an announcement can have multiple followers.” (The use case of the app is a teacher creating an announcement for their students [the teacher’s followers])

The workflow is this: Pretty straight forward

However, no matter what I try, I cannot get the “Un-Read Users” field to add the logged in user’s followers.

Does anyone know why this is happening and where I am going wrong with the workflow or data structure??

Hey there @Dons

There’s an easier way to accomplish this because adding many users doesnt necessarily work like that.

Instead of “unread users” in your collection and logic, switch it to “read users”

Then, update the current announcement to add the logged user when they read it.

You can still segment both read and unread users if the announcement contains or does not contain the user in the read users parameter.

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