Anyone have any apps in the stores?

Does anyone here have any apps in the app stores and would like to share a link?

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Primus is in both Apple & Google Play

Apple App Store

Google Play Store


Memoly also in both app stores.

iOS version on Apple App store
Android version on Google Play Store



Invocial - We believe everyone’s an influencer

Download Now -

Available in Google Play Store & as PWA


Norea is available on both stores. It is an audio and Youtube streamer with content produced by media mission Norea Sweden. It’s all in Swedish.

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Hi David,

how did you upload mp3 files and use a audio player? thanks

Hi bgaras.

The mp3 files are stored at the web host where we have our web site. All I have in the app database is a hyperlink for each episode, which in Adalo is sent to a web view component. The player is the system default player for whatever device that is running the app.

I am really looking forward to Adalo including a player to make it simpler to produce a decent layout.

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That’s awesome branding! Did you get that layout from a website? I’m struggling finding good marketing promo that includes the screenshots

Dive Site Reports has been for 6+ months now (wow time flies).

Play store link:


Do you use Adalo’s own database to store the photos that users post? Or do you use an external database? You could help me with that. Thanks.

I’m using Adalo Database

On the “home” tab, I can pull down to refresh, how did you manage to do that?

I can’t think of anything special I did… for the list under Advanced Setting I have Load Items as User Scrolls set, so maybe that does it?

I think that’s it. Thanks!

Peculiar Yogi’s class booking app is on Google Play Store for now:

Working on getting it up on iOS App Store soon too :slight_smile:

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