API Inventory Results not Matching Store Inventory

In the API results, it’s saying there is a Pickup from Store Stock level of 0 for this particular item. This is the case for every item I’ve spot checked so far. But when I go to Home Depot’s website and check the same store ID, it says the item IS in stock. Below I’ve included screenshots to show what Im talking about. Top is from the app saying 0 in stock, and the bottom is from Home Depot’s website saying they have 11 in stock. Same Store, same item number, same price, and same image. There’s just something off with the stock level for some reason.

Hi Manny,

You might want to use a tool like postman to examine the response outside of adalo and figure what’s going on. Is the stock level nested in another object that adalo cant access etc.

Hey there,

So here’s part of the API results. It actually says “stock_level” : 0 in the results which I highlighted. So it looks like Adalo is bringing in everything properly. So would it be something wrong on the end of BigBoxAPI where I’m getting the info from?

It seems that way. Maybe send a message to bigbox support to clarify.

Ok, will do. Also while I have you, you wouldn’t be able to answer my other question I posted about creating a cache of the items would you? Thanks again.

I’m not sure on the cache question, I didn’t look into this before.

Ok. I just can’t see myself continuing to test the app and constantly having to send requests to the API. I would run out of credits so fast and would have to spend a ton of money just to be able to build and test. I’d imagine that once the app is released into the wild, that I would want to have a cache in place that refreshes every so often so users aren’t constantly sending requests as well?

Is it the bigbox API charging you for each request you mean?

I paid for a monthly subscription which is 15/month for 500 requests. But I quickly got to 25 requests right after signing up, so I had to stop what I was doing until I can find a better method.

You could use Xano to cache the requests. You can use for free during development but rate limited to 10 requests every 20 seconds if i remember correctly, but for production you’d want to use paid plan (~$60/mo).

If you wanted to consider that option, I have a 10% off referral:

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