How do you keep track of a store's inventory?

Hello. So I found out the store I would like to obtain a list of items they sell does not offer API or external connections. Am I stuck having to input every item manually? Also, how do I keep track of when an item is not currently in stock? What about price fluctuations? It’s a home improvement store, so it’s very large. How does all of this stay updated?

Hi @Mannah888 ,

You could scrape data from their website and combine them in spreadsheet for importing.

To change price and availability, there should be someone who has responsibility for that, if you get tractions, you might have cooperation from the store to have automatic updates.

I’ll have to find out about scraping data. Not familiar with how that works. But if I somehow get that going and I’m able to obtain the data that I need, would I have wasted my time adding everything manually into the database collections?

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