Automate enterprise onboarding with Spreadsheet?

Hi all,

I’d like to speed up corporate registration for my app when it launches. Ideally, that means one person within the company can share a spreadsheet (or vice versa) which would include all relevant information I need to populate the Company, its Employees, and its Cars into my Adalo DB. I need some process help- what’s the most efficient way to onboard a large organization onto an Adalo app? Should I create and share a read/write access Airtable or Google Sheet with the 1 user from each Company, and then with Zapier import new records into Adalo when rows are added? And then use the Referral/Company Code process to allow Employees to onboard themselves?

In my Companies collection I need to know:
Company Name
Company Website

In my Users collection I need to collect the following:

Employee Full Name
Employee Email
Employee Birth Month, Birth Day

all the Cars (separate collection) owned/managed by company:
Car Location Address

all the Renters (separate collection but also User Collection) who rent Cars
Full Name
Email Address
Rental Dates


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