Automatically push files/records to OneDrive/Excel


I’m trying to push user-uploaded files/images automatically to be saved on OneDrive folder with user names for the file name. So when the user uploads a file, it will be automatically saved on OneDrive.

Also I need to automatically save user filled-in form data to OneDrive Excel spreadsheet.
ideally sync the Adalo data with Excel would be perfect.

Just wondering is it possible to achieve with integromat?

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Hi @JasonT,

Welcome to the community and of course, you can achieve this via integromat and zapier.


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Thanks very much. I’m quite new to app development. Just wondering is there a tutorial on how to sync data using integromat?

I tried a few times with integromat and the normal data is easy to push to my OneDrive Excel. But when there is linked data from another collection where I want to push it from Excel to the app, it pushes empty value.
For example, when I try to push a message to a user, I put the message in Excel then push to the user. The message went through but the user email linked to the user collection is blank.
(Solved: later on I find that the value of the linked property is actually a number insdead of the user’s email. So i need to get the user’s record ID first to be able to link it. But it doubled the number of operations in integromat. hope there is an easier way to identify the link value)

Another issue is that when the message is pushed, I want to delete it in Excel. Otherwise it will keep push the same messages. I put a delete command in integromat. But somehow it didn’t delete the right row, end up with sending message row 12345678 then sending row 2468 again. haven’t figerred out how to solve this…

@JasonT I was facing same problem. Luckily i saw your post thanks for sharing this with us. Really good man.


I’m not the daily user of Integromat but I’ll try reproduce this issue & get back to you.

that would be appreciated

Thanks to all community. :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Why required 3rd party, Adalo should have it’s own feature to use API without using 3rd party to connect. It’s one of the disgusting issue in Adalo.