Build version too low APK - Please help

Ok so I had an app which I launched on google play, but then the app started giving problems in adalo with crashes. I then copied the app in adalo sharing the data base and launched again on App store but I encountered an issue with google play.

So as you know we as developers can change the version number when exporting apk, but there is a different version attached to the build, which is assigned by adalo backend.

So lets say I make my build number 1.5 it will end up at google as: for ex. 251(1.5). The 251 is the number adalo creates with the build. According to previous threads, it was said that that number is the sum of the ios and apk builds in the app.

The problem is as follows now.

My previous app had a lot of exports and the sum total ended up being around 300.

My new app which I want to use as an update on the old one, the version number is 117.

This has the effect that google does not allow me to upload the apk as an update cause the version number is lower than my already live app.

Is there any way to fix this cause adalo does not allow you to change that number as it is assigned in the backend.

I have tried fixing this with android studio, but due to copyright restrictions, I am not able to change it.

Please help - I have reached out to support but no further feedback. This is time sensitive

Unfortunately I don’t believe support works on the weekend. I maybe wrong, but I remember reading that from a previous post.

Edit, found one such post Is support not available anymore? - #2 by anon78309838

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Adding onto @tbel, the whole team doesn’t work on the weekend. The only case that some of the team would work on the weekend is if there was an emergency outage, etc.

Anyone please? I am not receiving any feedback on support. I only need my version number to be changed in the back end. Adalo only allows you to change build version name in apk. For this reason I can not upload my apk to google play console, cause the build number is to low in comparison to my previous release.

Is there anybody that can help?

I’m sorry to hear your troubles, maybe reaching out to an expert might help shed some light at least on the situation. I wish we knew what’s going on with the Adalo team

Thanx, Im so frustrated

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