You need to use a different version code for your APK because you already have one with version code 101

I need help for publishing, this error shows up for any app name, and version number I create

Try to customize the version number before building

I corrected my text. This error shows up even if I change the version number.

That is a weird one… can you post a video or some screen caps of the process you are going through to see where it could be going wrong. the 101 is usually a number that is incremented in the background automatically usually. Each build on Adalo usually bumps in by 1 (ios +1 = 102, then if you build Android its 103, etc etc…)


Maybe the 2 issues that I posted are related (the previous one, is the fact that I can only create the first bundle).

The second bundle I create is done by copying the app and create the first bundle for the new app.
Then I re-name the version number

But somehow google sees this as the 101 version.

does this make sense?

So the Build Number (101, 102 etc) are set by the Adalo system each time you trigger a build. It’s a fixed way for Google/Apple to know it’s a unique build.

The version number is something you can set however you like… You could go 0.0.1 to 10.0.0 in one jump if you really wanted to.

I can see how having the build # displayed beside the version number in the Adalo interface could be useful for clarity. I added it as a feature request here that people can vote on.

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