Google play says: Version code 102 has already been used. Try another

I’m trying to publish a new version of my app but google play always responds that the code has already been used, even though I make changes to the app and submit new versions. What should I do? I already requested support from adalo, but no one helped me.

Hey, this is a version code only Adalo can change in the back end of your Android build settings/manifest. This does not relate to the Version code you set in the build on the front end.

Is this a copy of an Adalo App? Or is this an App that previously existed and developed outside of Adalo ?? Typically those are the usual reason for version code mismatches.

In any case, you need to submit a support ticket, show this screen, and if you don’t know what the previous version code was, then ask Adalo to change to like 1000 or higher than you believe it would have been before …

You cannot change the Android backend version code yourself, unfortunately. Once you change this once in Adalo to be higher than previous, Adalo will automatically increment from there onwards and this issue should resolve.


It one copy version. I Will do it again. Thank You so much.

Yes, that’s the issue. If it’s a copy version you will have a version code mismatch. Send Adalo support the old App Adalo Link, and they can check the version codes and also send them the new Adalo App link to update.

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