Button actions don't work and other problems


  1. The “Button 63” and “Toggle 35” buttons on the “SubOrders Confirmation” screen do not update the logged-in user (flag “FlagPrimiUgeSuborders”)

  2. The second problem is the key one, I shot a video on it

“Button 167” on the “DeleteOitem” screen does not delete the Current order (The button is located inside the Orders list) and does not update the logged-in user (the “Basket” flag)

Here’s the video

  1. I have an Action on the home screen (when visiting the screen) that sends the user to the “SubOrders Confirmation” screen when the “FlagPrimiUgeSuborders” flag is true from a logged-in user. However, it redirects the user there with the flag turned off

I have already put actions on 2 screens “Subders Confirmation” (“Toggle 35”) and “End Of Confirmation” (“Button 129”), which turn off the flag “FlagPrimiUgeSuborders”

Here’s the video

In general, the problems are serious. There were moments with the creation of empty objects, the connections that I set up became deleted, and so on.

Since I can’t establish contact with support, I’m writing here

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