BUTTON can t select a Screen in Select Field Value


  • does anyone has this problem ? :thinking:
    I can’t select a Screen and a field value in DEFINE value…
    The list of screens open but its all deactivated…
    Thanks for any tricks !

Hi @bibipac can you be a little more specific? I’m not sure I follow what you’re trying to do.

Hi Jeremy - uiihh, - times went so quickly, thanks for the interest though - I think I am a bit out of track with the problem now, and could not retrace exactly where/when/how it happens but yes, I was trying to pick up a “collection value” at a time to include that in a formula and I simply could not click on any collection displayed - usually they are all available …or at least one or few collections activated (black title) for one to include in your formula design…but at this very moment, the menu list was displaying all collections in Grey (deactivated) so I could not pickup any one of them…since I m very newbie, Iwent thinking that it could have been that Adalo somehow detected that “no collections” could be use for what I was trying to build - so no activations of any col. - or …simply that the Online page got disconnected at one time…
If I ever face the same “thing” again; I ll take captures to document this better meanwhile I ve hop to testing other formulas, :ok_hand:

Hi@Jeremy Updating, this is situation where I can’t select a collection/field (from another screen)
Is that normal ?