Button not working

This button is simple create a tip amount for and assign that amount to this store. It’s not working. I even deleted the relationships between the tip amounts and stores and re related them.

Hi Zechari,

Did you try deleting the Create Action and adding it again?

If you still see this issue the best would be Submitting a support ticket.

Thank you

I deleted and created multiple times

Did you try deleting the button and refreshing the editor and adding the button again and adding the create action?

Refreshing the editor after deleting but before re creating… no. I’ll try that.

On a side note, do you know if there’s a function where Adalo would require the user’s phone password to access the app regardless if it’s a Passcode, password, finger ID, or Face ID? Some app that require high security use the phone passcode to access the app. My apps will be considered high security as they involve private information like SSN, EID, DOT, PUC, etc. numbers in addition to $10,000s worth of financials

Hope it will be fix soon!

Not that much I’m aware of. I think it could be a feature request. I found a one : login to the application by pin, Touch ID or Face ID | Voters | Adalo. Also the Biometric Login component made by Pragmaflow can help you!



Instructions to Download :

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I will have to check this out. The biometric system is somewhat complicated in my eyes. It needs to be based off phone settings. If you use the toggle button “use biometrics” in the app but your phone settings has biometrics turned off, will biometrics still work? How can Adalo differentiate the different ways of getting an error when obtaining biometrics such as phone settings data transfer error, etc.?
Other apps that allow biometrics have you input your phone passcode or password depending on how your phone lock is set up if your phone biometrics are turned off.

Not sure. Sorry! Maybe Steven ( @TKOTC ) can reply here!