Connecting to external server DB or cloud DB

I’m very new to Adalo and before to start to test it I would like to understand if the solution can fit also for the classic environment of business application with lot of data.
What I need to connect to a mobile application is a DB that could be managed OnPrem or OnCloud . A classic situation could be to read all the Customers orders with details and manage maybe the delivery of them to several customers present in a specific delivery area/zone. This could be named ‘Daily delivery Tour Area xyz’ .
I read a bit and it seems that there is only AIRTABLE solution that can create DB and tables but I need to read them in direct way or with a kind of synchronized automation. I’ve seen a similar business template under GLIDE called “Delivery” but to use Google Spread sheet as legacy DB is a bit strange and probably non correct.
Sorry for non technical questions but I’m a functional consultant not a programmer ;-)) and that’s also why I’m searching for no-code solutions … ;-))

@giovannino you can connect to external DB as long as it has a REST API connectivity.

In fact you can connect authentication and let users login using your existing DB (i.e. external collections), this is in beta currently.

But, short answer to your query is, yes, it’s possible.

Thanks for prompt reply,
So… I will wait for a soon release ;-))