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I would be super happy if we could just have reusable components (library). If i have 50 screens, does Adalo REALLY think it’s cool for me to have to change my Nav-bar 50 times if i change a link or a color? This is BASIC functionality that has been in competitive products for years.

@James_App_Maker James… total pet peeve of mine and i hope you take this is the spirit of constructive feedback. Please let us view the marketplace before having to give an email. I totally understand the sign up for an account before downloading / buying, but without any privacy policy listed or how you will use email addresses, it’s going to turn people like me off if i can’t see if there are like 2 things or 200 that i may want to use. Nowadays with the amount of spam we all get, you need to provide something of value to earn my email address and a blank page with no view inside doesn’t cut it.

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You can now search the marketplace without creating an account. Right before you purcahse a component, you’ll be prompted to signup. Hopefully this is what you wanted :slight_smile:

Check it out below:

Now, you’re not prompted to submit your access token until you’ve purchased a component. :slight_smile:

Excellent change, thanks @James_App_Maker! I see you’re basically using a PWA app for the site, have you run into any “gotchas” with things like SEO or linking by doing your whole webpage through Adalo? I was considering going the same route with mine, i find it much more intuitive than wordpress but hadn’t really run into anyone else who had gone that route; would love to her your experiences so far.

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So far, I haven’t seen anything. Maybe in a couple of months google will start indexing the site and it’ll show up for some key terms.

It’s kind of hard to tell when the site is pretty new, only about ~3 weeks old.

I’m working on components but I think Adalo is making a list of our best ideas, to steal them. wait 2 months for the validation of a component while knowing that I have 4 components under review, I don’t find that normal

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