Create command then link is not working anymore

One button (create command then link to “Items” page) not working anymore

If I took OFF the “create command” that works to link to the page so it the mix of the both where there is a bug as this was working all the time before just few minutes ago.
No reason that the command could not be created.

Anyone with the same problem ?

Thank you

I did a report yet

I’m experiencing the same issue on multiple client apps. Noticed it today!!

Any button that has a create followed by a link redirect, the link doesn’t execute.

This looks like someone broke something on the platform.


same for me in all my app’s :frowning: and this happens just like 20’ ago, before all was fine

@James_App_Maker Have you seen this? Any way to get an SOS to the team?

Hi Brand,

What exactly is the problem here?

Could you please take a couple of screenshots so I can know what the issue is?

Screenshot will not reveal the issue.

This bug seems to be affecting all Form Buttons that have a Link action and/or Create action.
It doesn’t work. Period.

There are more issues created here in the last few hours that are related to this issue.

Go look at the latest posts created today. You will see that it all the same issue.

Please see this issue: Likely the same bug: Stripe Submit Button actions not working - #8 by brandreactor

It has been fixed. Please see the status page for more info.

I took a break and just get back, all my app’s are now working with that : Button : create ‘Command’ and link to “Items” screen. But this is really scary. Is Adalo working on the database or something ?

Yeah I’m pretty sure they are working on something with the editor regarding the speed of the editor for performance.

Adalo is trying to find the problem. I ll let you know asap

I’m still having an issue here. Any form buttons arent executing Link actions still.
I can see the records being created now but Link actions still broken.

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