Creating an Active Cart

Hi there

I was using @pford 's tutorial to build my shopping cart, however I realised nothing was working because the Cart/Order is not being created by the user. Can anyone see where I went wrong?

Here are images of the page that is supposed to create an order for (please see pic name):

Create Order - 1
Create Order - 2
Uploading: Create Order - 3.png…
Update User - 1
Update User - 2

Grateful for any help, thank you!

Hi KayKay,

This is quite curious… could you try putting these actions on the image in the list item, instead of on the list item itself?

Hi, thanks for the response!

Did as suggested by putting the actions onto the image but still not creating an order. Also now, the action to move onto the next page is not working either.

Hmmm okay what is the conditional you have on the link action?

Its to link a specific service type to a specific page according to the service name.

Could you try using Contains in this filter instead of “Is equal to” just to see what happens?
That still doesn’t answer why the cart is not being created, but it could be a quick fix.

As for the cart creation. Could you show a screenshot of the flyout menus you’re selecting for the condition?

Changed the filter to “contains” still no change. Here is the flyout menu:

Okay seems like the list might be causing an issue. What happens if you just add these actions to a regular button and set the link to always (temporarily)?

Yes, it works perfectly with a button and linked to always.

Gotcha. Would you mind submitting a support ticket about this issue? This seems like an issue with conditional actions on list items.

Got it, will do. Thanks Patrick!

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Hey KayKay,

Could you try just deleting and rebuilding the list and place the actions on the image?

Hi Patrick

I tried deleting my current list, created a new one and it still did not create the order as expected.