TEASER: Crypto Exchange/Purchase (Real-Time)

Hi everyone, I’d like to show a template I’m working on (I ask you not to look at the graphics (primordial) but only at the logics that are shown):

The values of cryptocurrencies and their assets are calculated constantly and are updated on the basis of market values in real time (from API).

Exchange EUR to Crypto = It is possible to pay for the selected cryptocurrencies either by card payment or through your own virtual wallet (which can be recharged).

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Exchange your Crypto to Virtual Wallet:
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The app manages all transactions with a logic that applies commissions based on the amounts.
Everything can be managed through a database, without any intervention on the software.


  • You can view all your transactions
  • Charge your virtual wallet for free
  • View a list of more 100 crypto currencies that are constantly updated in real time
  • See your income (increase or decrease)
  • Convert Crypto to EUR (or vice versa)
  • Bring a friend GIFT! Earn a gift when you bring a friend and he spends a fixed amount on APP.

The user can also request that his money be sent to his virtual wallet to a bank account, by entering a liquidation request.

I think I want to sell this package to anyone who wants to integrate something similar to their services or create a real exchange with concrete connection to the blockchain.

Let me know what you think.
I can show more.


This is great and I might just be interested - let me know when you’re ready to deploy or need help testing :slight_smile:



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Thanks so much.

I show new improvements and new tools. I have also updated the graphic part.


Crypto List:

Crypto Converter

Your Funds:

Wallet Re-Charge:


Personal Transaction:

Financial News:

Anyone who wants to give me an opinion is welcome.
For information you can contact me in privata.

Cheers to all.


This is looking sweet! Amazing you’re managing to pull this off especially with the real-time pricing. What service are you using to get the price - if you don’t mind telling that is!

Thanks man! Yes I can tell: With CoinMarketCap API


Cool, CMC and coingecko take a while to reflect a price rise or fall! Bogged or dexguru seem to have it nailed for speed…don’t know the details of what they use

It seems to me that CMC performs an update every 30 seconds. In fact, I had to do some forcing to reload the crypto list and also in the converter. To get the current currency (or a few seconds before …)

The difficult part is the integration for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies with the blockchain, which I am working on. For now it is a front-end with good logic, but I think a powerful backend is appropriate to govern real time and crypto trading.

Ah cool! Guess you’ve checked out Infura/Alchemy/GetBlock ?

I’ll have to check it out! Do they allow the purchase and exchange of crypto?

Not sure about purchase and exchange, I’d have to look into that!

The services have real time api?


Yes. Best to DYOR to see what will work for you, especially cost wise :slightly_smiling_face: