Custom action to copy Adalo database into a 'history' database

I have a database of ‘items’ that can be assigned to ‘users’. This database is constantly being updated by an ‘admin’ that is adding and removing ‘items’ as well as changing the current ‘user’ that an item is assigned to. I’d like to save the daily history of the ‘items’ log by having the ‘admin’ click a button at the end of the day that will then copy all of the records from the ‘items’ database into a ‘dispatch log’ database and but also have one more column that has the next days date. That way, I can always go back and get the history of each item. I know of a way for the ‘admin’ to manually confirm each item and create individual ‘dispatch log’ records but my ‘items’ log is going to have ~150 records on average so that we would be time consuming.

Any ideas? More than happy to get on a zoom call with someone to better articulate the problem.

@Isimmons This could be difficult to achieve within Adalo, the easiest way is to get the data out from Adalo using Parabola/Integromat and add the additional column before sending to the New Table in Adalo.


  • GET List of Users using Adalo API into Integromat
  • Use iterator in Integromat to go through each record, add the additional column value {next day date}
  • send to Adalo collection using POST

I was able to get this to work. Decided to send the 'dispatch log info to an Airtable database so that I don’t kill my data usage on Adalo. Thanks for the help!

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