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Brand new to adalo need a little help please.

My app has 2 different sets of users (Performers & Audience’s) and I’ve already made the collections and relationships. The performers will have the option to purchase a promotion deal for 1 week and be promoted on a “promo page” in the app. (ONLY THE FIRST 25 to purchase)

In stripe i have the product and price set but have not copied & pasted the API ID into the plan ID section in adalo yet. On my promotion page in adalo I have a custom list and it’s asking me what is this a list of? I can say it’s a list of performers but i dont want it to be all performers from the performers collection. It will only be a list of 25 performers that purchased the promo. (Changes every week)

The problem is if I make a new collection for just performers that purchased the promo they would have to reinsert their information (name, bio etc) to be apart of that collection every time they purchase promo but they’re already apart of the ORIGINAL performers collection. So their putting information in twice when theres no need to.

How would i go about fixing this issue?

Also how would I limit the purchases to only 25 orders a week in stripe and link that with my promo page in adalo?

Please help.

You could set a boolean property (true/false) in the user collection to identify if a user is “currently promoted”. When a user pays for promotion you can set this property to true. Then you could use this property to filter the list by.

So I would have to manually go in and change this true/false property along with the list every Sunday correct?

Also after a performer purchases promotion how would I link them to the currently promoted property so the list would display them?

There are some help videos in our documentation that will help you understand how to do these things. Check one out here that I think will help the most:

Ok thanks I’ve checked it out. Also my app has two sets of users but one login screen. When signing up they create a username then once in the app they also create a full name, bio, profile pic etc. so they can be updated in either performer or audience collection. Now that their in the system everytime they login they would be taken directly to their profile pages. How would i link them to their profile pages directly from the log in screen? Having trouble with this…

You can add a link action. to the submit button on the login form.

Hey @ContentChris, building on what Colin has mentioned…

I think you have two data collections for performers and audience — you should only use one.

Sign up form

  • anyone can sign up, but before they key in their personal details, perhaps you want a screen before that to ask them if they’re applying to be a performer or audience
  • both performers and audience users should have a profile page
  • have a true/false property to differentiate performers from audience
  • have a true/false property for promoted performers
  • have a date property for promotion period

List of performers

  • This is the first main screen performers and audience users will see
  • Only display performers that pay for the promotion here
  • Additional condition: current time must be before the performer’s promotion period property (which is the expiry of the promoted status)
  • Have a button that leads to the full list of performers here


  • On the profile of users, add a button only visible if the user is a performer
  • Send the user to a screen to purchase a promotion
  • When the Stripe transaction goes through, change the promoted status to TRUE and change the promoted status to CURRENT TIME + 7 if you want 7 days

Limit to 25 promoted performers

  • Create a list of promotions, with relation to users
  • Add a number property, name that as capacity
  • Set it by default to 25
  • For each purchase, set an action to subtract 1 from the capacity
  • Set the Stripe component’s visibility to sometimes, only when capacity is >0
  • If capacity is 0, you can show a “FULLY BOOKED” text instead

Hope this makes sense!

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Yes this makes sense thank you very much. A little confused about the 3rd bullet under list of performers & 3rd bullet under promotion but i will do my best to configure it by following these instructions. Thanks

Hey @ContentChris,

Third bullet of performers — to make sure they’re not on the promoted list after the duration that they paid for

Third bullet of promotions — to make sure you don’t exceed the limit of 25


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