Database rollback and Lists not working

Good morning. I did a lot of work on one of my apps (MyPortal) yesterday including a lot of database work. I added some more users, as I needed to add them manually, I deleted some entries in the ‘Task’ database. I have now logged on this morning and all of that has been rolled back, but not including the development and design of the App. All of the properties to the databases are still there, including the ones I added yesterday.

This isn’t too urgent, but I do need to sort this out by Monday next week. I have logged into the app itself, after manually adding the data again, but it is not showing up in any lists. I then set the lists to automatically update, which made the entries I set from yesterday come back, but the list is frozen, with no new entries or edits being shown.

Is this a known issue? This is the first time it has happened to me.

I have the same issue, all changes to data from yesterday evening have disappeared, including users. Will it be fixed or it’s gone for good?

Same for me, all collections update done yesterday disappeared…

Same issue, can not use list and other component which use database relation is not working too, may be Database issue again but not see any announce yet

@pat75 @Andre @Paul_Dev @ThomasHumphrey If you were adding records during the downtime we are still getting your data back for you. Should be resolved soon.

Thanks James, do you think it is safe to work on the app while waiting for the recovery ?

I don’t think that’s a good idea, becuase it’s just going to slow down the process even more. You could try it and see if it works later.

ok thanks i’ll wait then

I am having the same issue. Any updates on this? I am supposed to launch my app this morning.

Let me check if the issue is resolved…

@Willem Could you put the link to your app so we could get your data back quickly?

We are noticing a lot of users are not able to login to our app, and some new users are trying to signup but are getting a message that says their email already exists, even though when I check the Users collection from the back end it does not.

Is this related?

Yes, PM’d it to you.

Thank you!

Sorry, I have been busy all day so I haven’t been able to see all the replies. I didn’t hear about the downtime, but now I understand. Does anyone know how long it will be until the apps are fixed?

@ThomasHumphrey Most apps are fixed. If you were editing/adding a record in the editor at the time we were down your app might take longer to get data back, but this issue should be resolved soon.

Hey @ThomasHumphrey I was just looking through your account right now and I’m seeing data in your apps. (I was looking at the MyPortal app but there are multiple apps in your account so I might have been looking at the wrong one.) If you all could fill out a support ticket with the exact app you’re seeing the issue with that would be super helpful for us so we can fix those specific cases right away. Submit a Support Ticket

Again apologies for the downtime. We’ll send a longer update later today.

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Yes, the MyPortal app was the one I immediately saw issues with, but I am checking the other apps that aren’t redundant (I am deleting the redundant apps). I will get back ASAP

I can confirm that MyPortal is the only app I am seeing issues with. BandChat is the only other major app I have at the moment, and no one has been using it due to updates

Hi, after 2 days still have problem any update or solution?

Unfortunately, MyPortal is still down. This is the only app that is still down. I have submitted a support ticket about the issue.