Deep Linking is now live

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Hi i’m new to Adalo - Here\s my action:

User likes a post
Post creator receives notification
Post creator goes to notification

Does this Deep Linking allow the Post creator to go to the specific post that was Liked?


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If the post is on a detail page then you can do this without deep linking, natively in Adalo. The ‘Notification’ Action provides a choice for a screen that the notification will link to. :+1:

If it is in a list then I don’t think you can scroll to the post within that list.

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Thanks Rozza - Appreciated!

hi can you lower the price

You can use ASYNK10 on checkout for 20% discount

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And will you install the addition to my personal account?

Can I contact you via Instagram and email?

When payment is done, the component will automatically be in your shared libraries

I have a problem with the purchase site

What component?

Hi, lately I received mail from the Adalo community and its content:
“We’re updating React Native (0.72.5), React Native Web (0.19.8), and Node (18.18.0). This might affect your components.
We’re planning to release these new changes on October 30th. If your components need tweaks to support these new API versions, please have your changes in for review by October 20th”

Have you updated/planning to update this component?

The component is already compatible with the latest Adalo changes.

And if somehow, there was any issue caused by this change in my components, I’m all ears for issues and maintaining them all.

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