Direct messaging to a single user

I have a directory of local buildings made and each building has an associated user as an Admin, I need the logged in user to be able to start a conversation with that particular building admin via an action button from the building page.
Following the tutorial on Youtube, I can get the chat just like the example, using a list of all users… But if I try and make that work from a building page - create conversation, update - add building admin user, update - add logged in user, link - to messages
the link is dead and never sends me to the message page…
Am I missing something or are there only 2 ways to message on Adalo as per the Youtube tutorial.

Thanks for any advice!

If you click on your messages screen and then go to available data do you see if you are missing any data?

For example in the screen above ‘current user’ is missing from my ‘conversations’ screen because another screen (my home screen) is linking to the ‘conversations’ screen but it (the home screen) doesn’t have that current user data so it’s breaking the data connection.

I would try to see if you have anything like that. If you do I would remove the link that’s breaking it and I think it should work. (I’ll admit Chat messaging is definitely a little tricky in Adalo right now… We should be able to figure this out! )

That’s great thanks.

I figured out it seemed to be an issue with the action button… I changed the button type to a normal button and worked out just fine. I had several pages with the action button and they all seemed to have the same problem, I had to ungroup the button to make it do anything - so there’s possibly an issue there.
Anyway I used a standard button and it worked just fine.