Dropdown won't play nice with Countdown Timer

I’m using a Dropdown field to allow users to select a time in a countdown timer. The problem is, the timer reads the default placeholder text “Select Countdown” as zero seconds and immediately blows the action. Once it is set by the user through the dropdown it works fine. I’ve tried moving the dropdown to a modal but still it starts out at zero seconds [rather than unset] and so fires the intended action.

The only workaround I can think of is have the dropdown list open one of half a dozen dedicated modals, each identical except for the time allotted to the timer. That is, one for 30 seconds; one for a minute; one for 5 minutes and so on. That just strikes me as inefficient, ludicrous and fugly in the extreme.

Any thoughts on this conundrum?


Have you tried using conditions?

  • Updating the timer only if…
  • Showing the timer only if…
  • Taking the action only if…
  • Other conditions that may apply to your need
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Thanx @charleshope: I’ll take a look at that approach though I kind of don’t know where to start. Maybe, if I hide the timer until some one sets the dropdown [not sure if that’s possible] or sets the dropdown then pushes a button. It’s kind of clunky but I’ll let you know.

Make “Trial and Error” one of your best friends :wink:

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@DaBoo you can hide the countdown with a condition like only visible if Other Components > Second ( drop down name ) > How Many Seconds ( in my case I have a Seconds collection and have a number property called How Many Seconds to store the seconds and in the countdown I have added the drop down value. ) > is not equal to > empty

Made a quick test app :

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It’s already my worst enemy! :laughing:

Too cool for school, Dude. I’ll try to get it working myself so I can learn but I may be back begging for a clone… Thanx @dilon_perera

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This seemed to have worked:

Thanks again @dilon_perera


@DaBoo add is not equal > empty. I didn’t’ added that to my post and added now!

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Yeah, that seems to work better. Kudos!


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