This is the worst support reply I've received in all my experience with no-code tools

My app on Adalo used to work great, but suddenly, after my last change, the app broke. I’ve been trying to solve it for the last several days.

At some point, I decided to write a support ticket and received a standard link to the Adalo App Academy. When I asked where exactly I could find the answer, I received this reply:

Is my question stupid? Yes, I’m certain it’s considered foolish 100%.

Should a support person reply like this? I don’t think so.

If you don’t want to provide helpful answer to user, please hide support ticket page and create automatic bot with faq.

I’m on a $65 monthly plan and I expect to receive at least one helpful support response in 3 month that I pay for the service.

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I would not expect that, especially in a paid plan. Sorry to hear that. Hope they offer you a better response and solve your issue.

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Thank you!

Unfortunatly they just ignored my ticket :grinning:

Sorry for what happened. This shouldn’t be the case.

What’s the issue your facing?

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Here: Error when previewing an app in different browsers: your connection is not private - #7 by garrafa

Suddenly, several days ago, the “Image Slider” component stopped working. I didn’t make any changes to collections or anything else, just changed the text copy and clicked publish.

I assume this happened because I used to have several thousand lines of data while publishing the new version. After this occurred, I tried to resolve the issue by deleting all lines of data, but it didn’t help.

Man, this problem I discussed on my topic is like a “virus”: every single day, one or two show up here opening a new topic complaining about the same “symptoms”.


I just came back to check if situation got better since I wanted to use adalo again but after seen this here and no feedback or reaction from adalo … I might stay at flutterflow :smiley:

Hi @NoCodeBuilder,

I’m sorry for this situation and I feel your pain!

Your issue is that your app doesn’t work? Not opening or the features doesn’t work properly? Published or PWA version?

Image Slider component auto resizing?

Thank you

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