Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end

Wow! Awesome News :star_struck:

And Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Sorry all! Thanks @Eugen for bringing this to my attention

Sorry? Thank you!
All the best

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Shit! Why man you were doing an amazing job…

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Hope you get back going again soon. Amazing work!

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Again wanted to say thank you for everything that you do for this community, i’m obviously not the only one who shares this sentiment.

With that being said, some of us rely on your components to run our apps, will the already downloaded components continue to work? For instance, I rely heavily on your subscription component that works with IAPHUB. Do I need to look for another avenue?

I hope Adalo can figure out whatever this issue is that keeps roadblocking you.

And, again, thank you for everything!


sorry for the word :grinning:

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Already downloaded components will continue to function.


Saying sorry is a Canadian habit.


PragmaFlow helped me so much for making my app! In fact they have created a custom component for solving my problem! Thanks a lot for all your work and all you do for Adalo community!

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We need you :pensive:

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I just wanted to post a quick update in this thread, we are anxiously awaiting the new API from Adalo which should be ready for us soon. When it is we will be back and better than ever.


Hope for it so much! Thank you for your work!

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Does that mean that for instance your “Share button” component would be available again?

Was quite heartbreaking seeing your video, go to your website and see that it’s down. The available alternative videos for sending an email or a whatsapp message are simply not convincing. Tried showing it to a few user testers and it did not go down well.

Hi! Any updates on the marketplace?


If it is not up and running by Friday Jan 28th I will do what I need to do to get it back online with or without Adalo’s support.


In the meanwhile how to install components as private from PragmaFlow Github repository?

Adalo - Please fix this…