Filter list visiblity

I am a new user trying this out as an option to replace Knack.

I have an app that will be used by multiple companies and I only want the users to see data from their own company, and thus protect other peoples data from those out of their company

I have Collections for user, company and coach for example,

I have a relationship between users>company (M>1), coach>company (m>m as they could work in a number of companies)

When a user signs up/or is signed up by a company admin > I want them to select their coach, This coach should come from a list of coaches in their company only.

For example, if fred works at Acme and the coaches there are sue and bill, then the options in the picklist are only sue and bill.

I don’t want fred to see james, mary and peter as they work for another company.

I tried filters but there seems to be a circular view of the relationships.

Is this picklist filtering possible in Adalo?

If not, then I don’t see how I can build a multi-tenanted app on the platform and may have to look elsewhere.

I hope this isn’t the case, I’m liking things so far.

thanks Garry

Hi @salescoach ,

Certainly possible,

Since you give an example, it is easier to build one.

Here is a cloneable app for you to review.

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