Filtered Custom List - synchronous requests result?


with the same settings that in this post

problem with returned result in filtered list when typing in search field

i have a screen with filtered custom list ( Guest, is external colelctoin of AirTable ) and input field:

when i typing in input field returned result is not correct.

i make a test - at first type “A” and then paste “test”, on this screen you can see that first request ( with param “A” ) take long time and return data after second request ( with param “Atest” ) completed, and i get at first data from “Atest” and then data from “A” rewrite current data

i think because the requests is asynchronous

is there are any options to make synchronous requests for search field or something to slove this problem ? and how it will work on build app ?

thank you

Adalo experts/devs, could you explain me ?