Frequent app timeouts

We’re seeing a lot more pages that just hang when trying to access our application. Is there any way we can pay extra to have something like New Relic installed to diagnose the performance bottlenecks here? Can Adalo speak to any ongoing efforts to improve reliability of the underlying infrastructure? Or perhaps any proposed methods to containerize things so we’re not afflicted by noisy neighbor issues (paid options for dedicated infrastructure would be welcomed).
I notice that this happens intermittently on both preview and live but usually one is afflicted and the other will be fine so presumably those are running on different infrastructure… TIA


Hey @grid7, this is something we’re pretty accutely aware of, and are working on figuring out how to fix. It seems like right now some of the biggest issues are:

  1. More data included than necessary in responses. For example, if you have something like “Current User > Followers > Count”, it’s loading all the followers instead of just the count.
  2. Backend server location. Currently we only have servers in the US, and so loading data in Europe / Asia is significantly slower than in the US. In addition to being a problem for performance, this is also an issue for GDPR and other regulations, so distributing the servers would be a big win for us.
  3. Slow frontend code. Our apps need to be more optimized for handling large amounts of data. Currently several situations can cause slow app performance and delay showing data even after it has loaded from the backend.

We’re working hard on this stuff, so we’ll keep everybody posted as improvements are made!


Thanks @jeremy. Understood. Hope you guys are hanging in there during these crazy times. Looking forward to being a long-term Adalo partner.

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Hey @jeremy, when do you plan to have servers in Europe?


@jeremy Your point 1 is super interesting (of course all your posts are :slight_smile: ). So it would be faster to have an incremented field that stores the follower count and just pull that rather than calculate it on the fly?

I would be really interested to know if you are thinking of a dedicated resources plan for your customers.

Otherwise you will end up with the same issues faced by many Bubblers (Bubble Clients) when they start getting higher user counts, even when you add capacity and the app is optimized at the max, it’s still slow on bigger apps with multiple queries/workflows etc