Help us change lives with No Code Monkey components for Friend A Felon

To Whom It May Concern at No Code Monkey,

My name is Sterling Braden, and I run Friend A Felon, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping felons find jobs and housing nationwide. Our mobile app has been making a huge impact in the lives of those who have previously been incarcerated, but we need your help to continue this work.

I am writing to you today because we are in dire need of your components to update our mobile app. Friend A Felon is a 501c3 Tax Exempt non-profit organization, and we rely heavily on donations to continue our work. Unfortunately, we don’t have the funding to cover the cost of these crucial updates, and I’m currently paying for everything out of my own pocket.

The components that we need from No Code Monkey are:

Url parameters ($35)
Long press text ($19)
Long press actions ($25)
Expandable button ($29)
Video scroll list ($115)
Audio Player list ($59)
Image Cropper ($39)
Stories ($35)
Markdown pro ($35)
Time picker ($25)
Deck swiper pro ($39)
Accordion list ($35)
Mentions input ($39)
Autogrow input ($25)
Mentions text ($39)
Chat box ($35)
Animated tabs ($35)
Tab bar with notifications ($29)
App bar with notifications ($29)
Hover and shake button ($19)
Gradient rectangle pro ($29)
Regex Input ($35)
Confirm password ($35)

We believe that these components will make a significant difference in our ability to help those who need it the most. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, all contributions made to Friend A Felon are tax-deductible. Your help could make all the difference in our ability to continue providing crucial resources to those who need it most.

Please consider partnering with us and donating the components listed above. Together, we can change countless lives and make a real impact on the community.

I have attached some news stories at the end of this email to give you a better idea of the work we do and the impact we have made. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sterling Braden
Friend A Felon



Hey Sterling,

Welcome to the Community!

Thank you for what you are doing, it’s awesome! Michael definitely has some great components.

If you ever need any one of my components, I’d be honored to send you them to support a great cause!


Donation sent your way to help pay for a component. Hopefully each person in this community can donate for one component. Such an awesome cause. Good luck.


Thank you so very much. This mean the world to me. I would definitely need all of those components bro! How do I get them?

Thank you so very much! Im just trying to be the change I would like to see! Can you shoot me your email I would love to keep you updated on the process.

I will send you a DM.

Okay thanks

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