Hmmm, Adalo? so bad i feel about it

Hi everyone,

I have loved working on Adalo to create my no-code apps.

Recently I published my app on the App Store and Google Play.

I’ve been working on it for a “client”.

But to my surprise, after the number of users started increasing, the application became very, very slow!

Is this because Adalo is not a Native app?

I’ve paid Adalo nearly $1,200 so far

Subscriptions + components + etc…

But… I think I paid my money for something that wasn’t worth it.

I apologize for my harsh words, but I paid.

Why did I pay it?
Practically, I lost that money.

It was a good experience, I learned from it.

I will leave Adalo now.

thank you all!


Thanks for your honest words! I’m in the same position as you right now. I’m considering leaving Adalo and why:


  • Excellent UI builder
  • Integrated database with very good tools
  • versioning
  • Relatively easy to generate IOS and Android apps
  • Additional web apps for the same database


  • From my point of view, it is currently impossible to implement IAP subscriptions (in a stable manner) and with all the required features such as subscription validation and subscription restore. And almost every app needs IAP to make a profit.
  • The creation of additional components by external companies is very, very, very difficult. Until almost impossible. But without additional components, a custom app cannot be made
  • Slow

Simply learning if Adalo is the right solution seems to be time consuming, risky, & expensive.

The free version is not representative of the paid version.

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How many users/records have you got ?

A lot.

The term “a lot” can mean different numbers to different people.

“A lot” to me means that you have over 10k users. True or false?

What parts of the app are slow? Can you provide a screen recording of your problems?

Simply saying “the app has become slow” does not provide any actual information about what’s going on with your app.

The more detail you provide, the better we can understand the problems in order to provide you with solutions.

It sounds like you’re just giving up, which is a terrible option. If you’re serious about your apps, schedule a mentoring session with me and I’ll troubleshoot your app issues and explain how you can make the app faster. There are a lot of neat tricks to speed up your app.


I second what @Flawless said. If you provide more details we could all workshop solutions so that you don’t let your investment go to waste and it would be helpful for others to learn from @YousefAbubaker. Don’t give up!

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I see you are very angry.

I apologize for my English, but I will try to answer you.

Adalo does not depend on code while building the application.
It is based on Components & Actions.

There is no way to speed it up.

When you click on any button, you must wait for the action to finish.

This is the reason why Adalo is slow, and there is no other reason.

If you connect an external API…with a lot of “data” the application will “literally” die

Also, there is no solution to this problem.

Before they take a subscription of more than $400 a year from us, they need to fix these problems.

Do not tell me to sit with me and I will teach you how to speed up the app, and at the end of the session, you will tell me to pay the value of this session 350 dollars.

I know all of that, and I’ve been through it.

There is no solution and it is not possible to speed up the app without the intervention of the administration of the Adalo.

Believe me.

I am currently working on a platform other than Adalo which is also the “No-Code” platform.

It’s great, and there’s nothing slow about it.

Because they work for the users, not just for the money.

I will not say the name of the platform so as not to break the rules.
But there is no other, everyone will know it just by reading my comment.

I’m not angry at all, my friend. I sincerely want to help you with your app.

Unfortunately, you still provide no information as to what is slow.

Yes, just like any button on any website/app. How many actions are you running on one button? Do the actions have conditions?

Again, please provide screen recordings of your problems so that we can understand what exactly is running slow.

Without knowing the actions, conditions, data, screens, and collection information, we can’t help.

To me, it’s like going to the doctor’s office when you’re sick and not telling the doctor any of your symptoms. The doctor cannot diagnose your problems and may give you the wrong prescription if you do not describe the problem well enough. You don’t want heart medication for a broken toe, now do you?

My mentoring sessions are $100 per hour. We can easily work on many things in just 1 hour.


Well if you insist on this meeting, I agree.
And if you help me solve the application speed issue within an hour or less than an hour.
I’ll pay you $500.
But if you can’t, you’ll pay $100, because I will just spent my time.

Let’s know that Adalo has a speed problem
Instead of speaking out in anger.

Let us admit that there is a problem so that we can solve it.

Just like that.

I’m confident that there are ways to speed up your app.

If you want help, continue the conversation with specific information about what is slowing down your app. The more detailed the information the better. That is the point of this forum and that is the point of my mentoring sessions.

This conversation is pointless if you are not here to get actual assistance. I understand your frustrations and we’re all here willing to help.

So please provide real information about the “slowness of your app” with a screen recording of the app being slow, the actions and conditions you have on the buttons, the visibility settings of components, lists settings and filters, the data on the screens, any external APIs you are using, and the functionality of your app.

Failure to provide the information will result in this thread getting locked.

youssef looks like a troll

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I look around and found this thread,

There are few others that help him, probably they can show what kind of problems and methods have been done.

My guess is this app about blockchain wallet and exchange which heavily rely on unstructured API results.

But unless the thread owner and those who help him show some light, this claim is still unknown.

You don’t need to guess, Adalo team needs to seriously think about a way to fix the problem of slow apps.

and about APIs if fix all my problems when i find Xano, they help me to change any APIs and add arrays to make it work with Adalo external collections API.

so, they just need to think about a way to fix the problem of slow Adalo apps after publishing in App Store and Google Play.

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This is a good info, keep them coming.

Hi @Toddy ,
I agree here in this case, I suggested Adalo once to make a cheaper plan (For a limited time to allow learning curve and ramp up time) while allowing to use External collections with limited API calls but with all the features, this would allow users to create apps with time and not stressing about the 50$/month. I always do have to put that cost on top to customers when making their apps.

Would be great first to understand for all which databases are the slows one and also the “Built structure” around it.

When using Airtable or XANO, I always try to optimize the app to the number of users. In some APIs, we don’t always need to call the full API, good practices are needed here to be implemented. And in the end we also always go on the way of “How many screens, how many conditions, how many elements” and so on.

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