How can I increase height of tab bar?

Hi, I’m new to Adalo. Testing platform after playing with Glide for a few weeks.

I’m building my first app. Wondering if I can increase the height of the bottom tab bar? It looks fine in the app builder preview on my laptop (with iPhone 11 selected), but is too short (and thus hard to use) when viewed on my iPhone 12.

Ok in builder preview:


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I think this issue is only on PWA’s. When you publish to native (TestFlight/ Apple App Store) this should not happen.

My guess is that on your iPhone the black bar on the bottom of the phone is resting directly below the tab buttons.


Correct. Appreciate the swift response! Will try publish to native.

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No problem. Publishing to native requires a paid plan.

You can find more information about publishing below. If you need help with anything in your app, be sure to post it here in the forum!

Good luck with your app! I can’t wait to see what you make.

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