How do I create a Live Tracking System? (AIRTABLE)

How do I create a Live tracking system, where when I change a column on Airtable, it changes to the user on the app?

There’s a twist however: It has to be in magic text.

Explanation: I have two collections: orders_adalo and orders_airtable.

When an user orders, details go to both. But to Adalo it sends DATES and to airtable it doesn’t.

In the main screen I have a LIST using Orders_Adalo, because Airtable doesn’t use dates. In that list it shows the order ID, a date, and a button.

When you click on the button, it takes you to order details screen. However, on this screen i’d like to use AIRTABLE’s collection stuff, because i want to change columns in AIRTABLE and it be changed to the user. And still use dates that are in adalo.

I haven’t had any success and got a giant headache. Please someone help

Hi not sure if this will help but I asked my AI and this was the suggestion.

To create a live tracking system that updates a column on Airtable and reflects the changes in real-time to the user on the app, you can use a combination of Adalo and a third-party integration platform like Zapier.

Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. First, you need to create a Zapier account and connect it with your Airtable and Adalo accounts.
  2. Next, you need to create a Zap that triggers whenever a new record is added or updated in the Orders_Airtable collection. Choose the “Updated Record” trigger and select the Orders_Airtable collection in Airtable.
  3. In the next step of the Zap, you can use the Magic Text feature to map the relevant columns from Airtable to Adalo. For example, you can map the order ID column in Airtable to the order ID column in Adalo, and the order status column in Airtable to a corresponding column in Adalo.
  4. Once you have mapped the columns, you can set up an action that updates the corresponding record in the Orders_Adalo collection in Adalo.
  5. Finally, you can test the Zap and ensure that the updates made to the columns in Airtable are reflected in real-time in the user’s app.

Note that since you mentioned you want to use dates from Adalo, you can use the Magic Text feature to map the date column from Adalo to a separate column in Airtable. This way, you can use Airtable’s collection features for other columns, while still using the dates from Adalo.

I hope this help.

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