How long does support take to respond usually?

I have an urgent issue, I signed up to adalo via no code tech, they gave me a discount code for three months free. I put it in upon subscribing but it didn’t recognise it and still charged me but the support ticket I raised numbered 528193557 has not had a response yet but it would be great if I could get a response due to the money already being taken, I hope you can understand the urgency in this respect?

Hi Welcome, I’ve gotten replies within 24hrs (weekends don’t count as support isn’t available then)

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Ah that could be why. Many thanks!

72 horas em média… pode ocorrer antes ou depois.

Mi espanol es malo, tu escribes specifico para ingles es 72 tiempos / horas si? Or in English you just meant is about 3 days?

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