How to associate a company to a customer

So I am wondering what the best way to associate a company to a customer is? The app allows companies to join. Once a company has joined they can invite customers to signup. The question I have is what is the best way to link the customer to the company that invites them to join? I was thinking of having a company id code or something like that. The customer could supply the code during the signup process but how to assign that customer to the said company?

Enduser enters code in an input box, filter list of companies based on the code but the list is actually a “Continue” button. The list should be set to display only 1 item.

On click of the button you update the user relationship Inviting_Company or whatever name you choose.


Thanks, Rory. After I posted this I started thinking about it a lot more and was thinking of something like this but was still unsure because I’m not sure if I want to allow customers to choose from more than one company.

@Lynk a loooong time ago there was a video by Ashley from Adalo about it (hope it’s still relevant):

Some comments from my side:

  • this list should be wrapped into a group, and the group should me made conditionally visible when the input isn’t empty. Reason: (a) if the input is empty then all list entries are displayed and (b) why group - sometimes when such conditional visibility is applied to a list itself, it still shows a spinning wheel, which isn’t visually nice.
  • I will disagree with advise to limit list to 1 item - in my experience such limits caused too much strange issues, especially when list needs to refresh (and this might be the case here). Condition “equal to” should be enough, especially if the company code is more complex than 123.


Victor, thank you. I think this is exactly what I need. Thanks again.

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