How to get screen to link per current fields state

I am trying to get a user to create a profile if the profile does not already exist. I am just basing it on the logged in users profile pic field being populated or not. So I set link action to link to edit profile screen and advances to sometimes when logged in users profile pic is = or not = to and I get lost from there. If the field is populated do i just set it to = true? What is the best way to do this?

Hi @shonesto,

Instead of is not equal to > empty ( not empty ) add is equal to > empty ( empty )!

And put that link action after the request notification permission action. ( You can drag that action after the request permission notification action )

And just in case add the opposite condition on the link action that goes to the InstaHome screen! ( Logged in user’s > profile picture > is not equal to > empty )

Thank you

Thanks that worked perfectly.

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