I don't know why some data is deleted automatically

I don’t know why some data is deleted automatically.
That is really big problem.
I would like to know that often happen in some apps or any other reasons.

Hi @Genon,

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Is it when you view the app or when you view the editor? After you reload does you see them?

Thank you

Thank you for replying.

Both the app and the editor.
Some of data is deleted somehow on the app and then when I check the database on the editor, the data is not there as well.

The date is the one which is created on the app, not on the editor.

Thank you.

So after you create a record in the app it’s deleted?

Sorry for late reply.
I think so.
Some users told me like that and sent me screenshots.

Hi @Genon,

I think the best here is to Submit a Support Ticket!

Then support can check you app and see what’s going on!

Thank you and hope this issue will solve soon!

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I didn’t know that way.
I will try. Thank you very much!!