iOS build STILL failing... Adalo support nonexistent

@Colin - I canceled my Pro membership when my iOS builds were failing last month because I can’t pay for Adalo when I’m literally getting nothing out of it when I’m hung up on this iOS build failing. I needed to wait for the Stripe test payment feature to be rolled out anyway so I decided to wait for that. Now that it’s rolled out, I re-upped my Pro membership and my iOS build is STILL failing with the exact same output as before…

I can’t keep paying a monthly membership for an app that I can’t even compile and I’ve emailed the support email 5+ times and I guess no one even monitors that box because I got ZERO responses.

I need help here because my hands are tied and all I can do is keep clicking a “build” button. There’s not much troubleshooting I can do other than that. PLEASE help me


Sorry to hear man, I’ve just signed up to pro - and your experience is worrying, paying customers should get priority support (even a reply helps). Hope it gets sorted soon.


Just to clarify something from our end before I answer the problem directly:

We do prioritise paid subscribers via email. That check is done when the email is received and if it matches the email address of a paid subscriber it is escalated. If you use a different email address to contact us than what you used to sign up on Adalo, you will be seen as a non paid subscriber. Likewise, if you are currently not a paid subscriber when you email us but later upgrade, until you send another email, our system would not know you are a paid subscriber.

Now for the issue at hand:
@iron49man Can you please directly DM me the URL to your app so I may pass this issue on to the team to investigate again.

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@Colin is it possible to build using an unpaid Apple Developer account just for testing on Xcode ?

@machiavelli Unfortuantely, that is not possible.

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Has the team had a chance to look at this? We’re ready to go to production but we’re just sitting on our hands until we’re able to get a successful build.

@Colin - I found the solution for why the build was failing 50 seconds in.

The reason is because of the APNs (Apple Push Notification service) Keys in the Apple Dev console. These keys are (were) being used in our production environment but was preventing Adalo compiler from creating a key for us. See below the production keys that were there:

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 12.14.56 PM

Once I deleted the keys and ran the compiler, it worked fine. And now you can see the Adalo key here that was created by Adalo:

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 6.39.08 PM

I would HIGHLY suggest that we have this added to the Bundle Identifier documentation so that others can easily troubleshoot and resolve this issue quickly in the future:


Thanks for giving that update! I will be sure to update that documentation to reflect this info!

This is a lie. I emailed and have not cancelled yet. I should show up as a paid subscriber and be getting my emails responded to, but they have not responded. I have been waiting to cancel until they respond for this reason. I have sent 4 emails this past week, NOT ONE RESPONSE.

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